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An ideal equipment for high yield of a shaped noodle machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Noodle production is flour mixing surface, pressure surface, cut molding, on the stem drying, cut off packaging and other steps, which through the noodle machine can be pressed to form a noodle, save time and effort, is the more ideal noodle production equipment.

Vermicelli machine is through a number of roller groups will be mixed flour pressed into the surface, and then by the face knife will be cut into a uniform thickness of noodles, the entire process of fully mechanized operation, high yield and reduce the labor intensity. Vermicelli machine using light belt pulley deceleration chain drive, strong power, low noise, roller using high-strength steel surface wire drawing treatment, good wear resistance, durability, production of noodles high yield, can be used to produce noodles, wet noodles, and other coarse grains noodle.