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Congratulations To Our Partner For Missing Brand Noodles For Export To Europe
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Recently, Miss food co., LTD., which has maintained a long-term cooperation with our company, exported a batch of 9.6 tons of noodles with a value of nearly 10,000 us dollars to Australia.


For a long time, as one of the major staple food in the world, the international market demand is relatively high. In China, after decades of development, we have fully mastered the various processes of production of the noodle, and we have continuously improved our machines by combining the processes.

At present, the production line on the market is divided into two kinds according to different drying methods: low-temperature hanging drying and tunnel drying. The situation of the two production lines is as follows:

1. Low-temperature suspension drying, unique steel wire rope drive device, the hook is fixed on the steel wire rope, the noodles run smoothly and free of oil. Steam, air energy and hot water can be used as heat source for heating system. Double loop heating is adopted in piping layout, which can achieve temperature balance at both ends of the oven, and the moisture discharge adjustment and control is convenient and fast. The products are of uniform color and uniform color, ripe back tendons, refreshing and pure taste, and can produce medium and high-end noodles of different varieties. The low-temperature pendant production line can be used in any environment, and it is the most ideal equipment for producing pendant at home and abroad.


2. Translational tunnel drying, adopting high temperature and high humidity new drying technology, features less investment, small occupation area, low energy consumption, good product quality and high production efficiency. Single line less specifications, product continuous production, suitable for large and medium sized flour products enterprises. Primary drying zone temperature above 45 ℃ or higher, bao chao gasification dehydration drying. Drying time is 3.30 ~ 5 hours. Our company studies and improves on the traditional medium-temperature drying technology, forming its own unique process. The high-temperature and high-humidity drying technology is more in line with the drying principle of the hanging surface and is easy to operate, which greatly reduces the problem of the hanging crisp bar in the medium-temperature drying process and ensures that users can produce high-quality hanging surface in any case.

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