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How to adjust the pressure roller of noodle machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Roller is the noodle machine used to press the surface into the surface of the parts, its adjustment is correct directly affect the thickness of the face plate, today, mainly on the roller adjustment method to explain, I hope to help. Adjust the roller is the former back in turn to reduce the gap between the rollers, such as: The first group of 1-2mm, the second group of Rollers for the 1.5mm, the third group of 0.5mm, the fourth group of Rollers for 0.5mm.

This time to reduce the gap between the rollers, can be pressed into the surface of a thickness to the surface, but the adjustment should pay attention to the gap between the two ends of the roller must be consistent, otherwise it will be easy to make the surface of the film deviation. If there is a tension or folding, there is a pull break can increase the gap between the rollers, folding can be reduced on the gap between the rollers, until the adjustment is appropriate.