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How to choose noodles
- Oct 09, 2018 -


How to choose noodles in daily life? How to eat noodles to be healthier? How much nutrients will be lost in the water-soaked noodles ?

If the noodles are watered over and over again, some of the B vitamins and potassium will dissolve into the soup, reducing its content. However, these nutrients are particularly needed when the body perspires. If you want to eat water noodles, but also to ensure adequate nutrition, you can add more vegetables in the noodles, eat more bean soup, of course, rice porridge, rice porridge, such as coarse grains.


What kind of noodles has a high nutritional value ?

In theory, the nutrition of spinach noodles and carrot noodles is indeed higher than that of ordinary noodles, but as the chlorophyll and carotene are easy to see light decomposition, they will become lighter and lower in content after long storage. So it is recommended not to buy long-serving vegetable noodles. But noodles made with vegetable juice are more nutritious.

Noodles with muscles are delicious, but are they nutritious and healthy ?

Many people like to eat elastic noodles, but have you ever thought about why the noodles are so elastic? Is it healthy ?  Some people will be vitamin, mineral content and the degree of fiber, but in fact, a dime relations do not matter! To add to your disappointment, many noodles are very muscular and have even lower levels of vitamins than ordinary noodles.   Actually, the elasticity of noodles is related to the protein in flour, and the protein content of flour depends on the variety of wheat. Without additives, the higher the protein content in flour, the better its toughness and elasticity . Many people know that adding salt to flour increases the elasticity of the noodles because it strengthens the interaction between gluten and protein. In addition, add alkali to also can increase the fiber of noodle, but such do not pay to lose, because can destroy the vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 in flour, make noodle nutritive value drops. Add an egg to the dough. The protein of egg white can increase the strength of the noodles. The lecithin in the yolk can also make the noodles smoother and more nutritious.


 Noodle soup, shall we use ? 

Before and after eating starchy foods such as noodles, it is good for health to drink some of the noodle soup, because some vitamins and minerals are dissolved in the soup.    However, because many noodle products are designed to increase "muscle strength", adding a lot of salt or alkali into the noodles makes the soup inedible. If it's homemade noodles made with eggs, it's low in salt and it's good to drink some.