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How to prevent abrasion of vermicelli machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Vermicelli machine is through the mechanical transmission of dough into hanging noodles, the use of a long time will inevitably appear to varying degrees of wear, although the machine to maintain adequate lubrication can reduce wear, but the long-term use of some wear is still unavoidable.

Today the main understanding of which problems will easily cause the wear of vermicelli machine, we usually use should pay attention to these problems. If the rollers are sandwiched between the hard particles, will scratch the surface of the face roller, so we need to pay attention to the processing of noodles to ensure that the flour should be clean, do not contain other impurities.

At present, the pressure roller is the use of high hardness of material production, to a certain extent to solve the problem of wear, but we usually need to pay attention to the use of the above problems.

When the parts of the machine repeatedly under extrusion, will make parts of the surface material gradually fall into pieces, resulting in the surface pitting pits, easy to speed up the wear of the machine, so we usually pay more attention to the noodles machine parts lubrication, can reduce the wear caused by the use. In the final analysis, the best way to prevent the wear of vermicelli machine is to pay more attention to maintenance, the transmission parts to maintain a good lubrication state, you can prevent the machine from wearing.