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Noodle Machine Working principle detailed
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Noodle Machine working principle is the flour through the surface group to squeeze the formation of the surface, and then through the front nose cutting knife across the piece to cut, so as to form noodles, face knife model shape determines the thickness of the noodles round flat.

All models can be installed with different specifications of the cutting knife (replaceable), so a machine after the replacement of different specifications of the face knife can be made into various specifications of the noodles. Noodle machine factory production of various models of noodle machine, there are old-fashioned noodle machine, traditional noodle machine, automatic noodle machine, semi-automatic noodle machine, as well as various sizes of models are suitable for noodle, noodle processing plants, supermarkets, canteens and other places to use. Semi-automatic noodle machine with a full automatic noodle machine is different place, that is, semi-automatic noodle machine can be based on the actual situation of pressure to set, can be repeated repeatedly to meet the requirements of the pressure, and then through the face knife cut into noodles.

This semi-automatic noodle machine is also a traditional noodle machine, in fact, the production efficiency and automatic noodle machine is somewhat lower, but the quality of the noodles can be said to be more than handmade noodles. Full-automatic noodle machine, is a new type of noodle line equipment, the machine from the forward to expect continuous operation, with simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving advantages, the production of good noodle toughness, good taste. The characteristics of the medium noodle machine are as follows: the surface of the roll is polished by the grinder, smooth and beautiful, rolling out of the surface evenly clean and smooth, to ensure good quality of the noodle machine design reasonable, using the arrangement, reducer and sprocket drive, small noise, compact structure, user-friendly design, labor-saving, and easy to operate, safe and hygienic, suitable for eye view. Transmission smooth, accurate and efficient transmission power, but also noise small, no vibration, superior performance and other characteristics, can be equipped with small drying equipment, is a large and medium-sized noodle production enterprise ideal products.