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The steps needed to produce vermicelli in vermicelli machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The use of noodle machine will be flour processing into dried noodles, mainly divided into four steps, respectively: mixing surface, pressure surface, Ches and drying, after a series of operations, dried noodles were finally dried and formed, to make a uniform hanging noodles.

Let's take a look at the details in each of these steps separately:

Mixing noodles: Mixing noodles is the first step of processing noodles, is also the most important step, mix noodles should master good mix surface moisture, should be based on the use of flour gluten to determine the content of the added water, mix good surface should be loose granular, with a hand can be a regiment, gently rubbing can be loosely recovered that is appropriate. Pressure surface: The pressure surface is through the noodle machine of a number of pressure surface roll suppression, for the adjustment method of the roller, usually the thickness of the initial pressure surface is not less than 4-5mm, the thickness of the composite before adding is 8-10mm, the last one is pressed into the surface of 1 mm below, and the face sheet compacted calendering.

The thickness of the pressure surface can be adjusted according to the actual demand, we mentioned about the adjustment method of the noodle press roller, we can see the relevant adjustment instructions. Noodles cut: The surface of the slice will be cut to the same thickness by cutting noodles, noodles, the specification is determined by the face knife, and the quality of the face knife and improper installation will make the noodles appear pimple, and may also make noodles forming bad.

The bottom of the face knife is equipped with cutting knife, can cut the noodles crosswise, the length of the cut of noodles is decided by its speed, can adjust according to need. Drying: Cut off the formed dried noodles can be dried by natural drying or use of special drying equipment will be dried noodles, and finally by cutting knife will be cut to the same length of noodles.