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Understand the structure and main components of noodle machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The machine is mainly composed of the motor, the inlet, the face roller, the cutting section forming knife, the noodle upper pole device and the rack, etc., and its main functions are as follows:

(1) The motor is the power source that drives the whole machine to operate, transmits the power through the belt and the link to all parts of the machine.

(2) Mixing good surface flocculation is sent to the surface through the face roller, in the role of the roller pressure surface into the surface, different types of noodle machine roller number of different, which also determines the number of times the pressure surface.

(3) Cutting knife is to cut the surface of noodles, you can replace different specifications of the pressure surface knife to change the thickness of the noodles specifications.

(4) The automatic upper lever device is through the chain drive, automatically will form the noodles to the top of the rack, for the new purchase of the machine, if the appearance of noodles on the end of the length of the bar.