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What noodle machine makes the noodles delicious?
- Aug 09, 2018 -

First, noodles and pasta when the formula, the technical level of the formula is directly affecting the taste of the noodles, such as: Galling add vegetable juice, flour plus eggs, whole wheat noodles, buckwheat noodles, oats noodles, and so on, and so on, these fabrics formula than the column directly affect to make noodles taste.

So the noodle formula is straight to every one to do the research of the dough. Second, the noodle machine will also directly affect the taste of noodles, now almost everyone to economic construction as the core, so the pursuit of efficiency, but often in the pursuit of efficiency, it is difficult to achieve high quality noodle taste, such as automatic noodle machine can produce 500kg per hour noodles, its production efficiency so high, It is because only once the pressure surface, you can cut directly into the noodles.  But it may have some problems, such as not enough punch noodles to affect the taste of noodles.

If a semi-automatic noodle machine, it can repeatedly pressed the dough, after many times the dough, made out of the noodle taste must be very good, but the lack of semi-automatic noodle machine is relatively low efficiency. Overall, the semi-automatic noodle machine made noodles taste better than fully automatic, and automatic noodle is characterized by high production efficiency. Two kinds of noodle machine have their own characteristics, each has its own strengths. The actual purchase of noodle machine also depends on the customer's own actual situation and positioning.