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Automatic Noodle Machine Industry Development Trend
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Full-automatic noodle machine is a new type of noodle line equipment, the machine from the forward to expect continuous operation, with high yield and efficiency, save time and effort, easy to operate and other advantages, the production of good noodle toughness, good taste. The characteristics of the medium noodle machine are as follows: the surface of the roll is polished by grinding machine, smooth and beautiful, the surface of the rolling is uniform and smooth, ensuring the good quality of the noodle is reasonable in design, using arrangement type, reducer and sprocket drive, small noise, compact structure, humanized design and labor saving. and easy to operate, safe and sanitary, suitable for eye view.

Transmission smooth, accurate and efficient transmission power, but also noise small, no vibration, superior performance and other characteristics, can be equipped with small drying equipment, is a large and medium-sized noodle production enterprise ideal products.

Automatic Noodle Machine brings people a lot of convenience, use it to process noodles also more and more, want to let it suppress a better noodle, the cleaning and maintenance of it is necessary, noodle processing after the machine will be left with dough and flour, if not removed in time, dry dough will form the surface slag, the next time to use will give production belt to influence.