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Client From Nigeria Ordered Fried Instant Noodles Production Line
- Aug 20, 2018 -

The client from Nigeria ordered our stainless steel fried instant noodle production line (model BFP-Ⅱ12Y) and satisfied about the performance and operation of the machine as well as the service we provided. He also expressed his willingness of purchasing more equipment from our company in the future production.

The Model BFP-Ⅱ12Y we provided has the features of advanced technology, high capacity, low consumption and high degree of automation. it adopts touch screen delivery presetting, photoelectric tracking, frequency control and plc program control from ripen process to cooling process has realizes stand-alone fine tuning. whole line linkage synchronous acceleration and deceleration program control whole line realizes synchronous coordinating control, digital display of cutting frequency, and nonstop adjustment of noodle piece weight tr production line features automatic control of frying temperature, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, low oil content of noodle cake and high rate of qualified product. the dough maker adopts elliptic blade double-shaft double-speed technology, large amount of water can be dough curing consistency. the pressing machine adopts 9 pairs of chilled hard alloy rollers, soaking flavor technology is adopted after steaming The equipment surfaces food touched adopt stainless steel and food grade materials, accord with requirement of the food hygienic standard. the produced noodles have the characteristics of deliciousness, crispness, smoothness and chewiness.