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Never-saturated Noodle Market
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Semi-automatic noodle machine is pure flour for raw materials production (can also be added according to market demand for some beans noodles or vegetable juice), noodles out of the machine is formed. It has the advantages of automatic strip, low noise, easy to damage, not bad, durable, high degree of automation and simple operation. Facial band road, hot water boiled for two minutes, directly add some spices that is noodles, refreshing and slippery, can also be under the soup, fried can be. Mode of operation can be urban and rural fairs, food wholesale market, store snacks stall, hotel wholesale and retail can also be directly processing exchange, processing 1 kg of dough generally charged 5 cents, noodle market sales, there are lele semi-automatic noodle machine as a popular food processing machinery, the market is never saturated, is the ideal equipment for popular foods.

If the daily processing of 500 kg, the daily profit can be more than 200 yuan, so that is the ideal investment opportunity, free training and operation technology to provide technical support for life. Semi-automatic noodle machine inherits the advantages of the old-fashioned noodle machine, and combines the automation technology of modern face machine, it is the leader of similar products. Compared with the traditional model, the machine has the following advantages: 1, the main spindle selection of special steel, and by strict heat treatment, so that its life greatly extended. 2, the main axis of bold, lengthened, and increase the motor power, so that production greatly improved. 3, the perfect combination of automatic bar device, greatly enhance the production efficiency. 4, the pressure roller increases, presses out of the dough more strong sense of the road. 5, the machine can do ganmian, wet noodles, dumpling skin, wonton skin and other skin food.