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Operation Characteristics Of Automatic Noodle Machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. The machine should be installed in the dry, ventilated level of the ground, to ensure that the machine work smoothly and reliably.

2. Check whether the power supply voltage is in accordance with the use of the machine before use, the core of the grounding symbol is reliable grounding, whether the steering meets the requirement, and according to the diagram position to install the smooth surface dustpan and the surface dustpan.

(in order to facilitate the packaging and transportation, the surface dustpan is not installed on the machine)

3. Mixing noodles: With powder mixing mechanism products, the inverted switch placed in the "down", mixing the mixer in the bucket began to operate, mixing powder evenly after playing open feeder switch flour can be automatically excluded.

(It is recommended to remove the noodle knife when mixing noodles to prolong the service life of noodle knife).

4. Face piece processing: Put the switch in the position of "shun" to carry on the surface piece mechanic, mix good flour regiment to roll when knead pressure should from thick to thin adjust the roll clearance, the surface thickness is 2~3 times. After many times kneading the surface piece may enhance the punch and the taste, recommends the user to make full use of this machine's kneading pressure function. Cut the front of the surface should be thick in the 3~5mm, with scaled bar after the roll.

5. Cut strip: 1). The installation noodles knife: The left and right gate board has two knife groove, will noodles knife into the trough, noodles knife's gear and the big gear bite, tighten the butterfly nut with the fixed bracket to fix the noodles knife.