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Six Operational Requirements For Prolonging The Service Life Of Noodle Machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1, the use should be carried out before the empty operation, to ensure that there is no abnormal back to normal work.

2, before the boot should check the roll and noodle knife on the debris, clean up the rear can be switched on. The power must be cut off when wiping the machine. After each use is completed should be timely cleaning up the product surface. Do not use your spirit to scrape two rolls and noodles knives.

3. It is easy to bring the hand into the roll in the face, when the hand and the roll should keep the proper distance. Do not use wooden sticks and other tools to assist in operation, otherwise it is easy to cause personal injury and machine damage. 

4, each refueling point each class to add lubricating oil once, select gear oil or 20th mechanical oil can. The lubricating grease of the bearing is replaced once a year and the lubricating Grease is selected.

5, often check the normal V-belt tightness and wear, and timely adjustment and replacement.

6, the machine for a long time to stop, should be in two rolls and noodle knife surface apply the right amount of edible oil rust.