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The Main Points Of Safety Operation Of Noodle Machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1, the operator should carefully study the instructions before use, strictly according to the trainer said the requirements of operation.

2, before the use of the machine placed in the dry, ventilated level of the ground to ensure that the machine work smoothly and reliably.

3, carefully check the machine feed mouth there is no iron, hard objects, and timely cleaning, before using the face plate pull out. Check all parts of the abnormal phenomenon, found that the problem should be dealt with in a timely manner so as not to cause accidents.

4, check whether the power supply voltage and the use of the power supply match, noodle machine is strictly prohibited to reverse.

5, the power cord extension factory, with the grounding symbol of the core of reliable grounding, the remaining three cores (when equipped with a single motor for two) respectively received open load switch (knife switch) off the lead line terminal, closed-open load switch, starting switch, from the feed mouth, depending on the movement of the roll down correctly, No-load test run, no abnormal parts can be tested.

6, according to the need to adjust the roll gap, the operation of the handle to turn the wheel, so that can be adjusted roll advance and retreat, can make the rolling gap in the 0-25mm in the stepless adjustment, uniform axial clearance, so that rolling dough thickness evenly.

It is strictly prohibited to adjust the surface roll clearance to more than 5 mm operation.

7, the back surface can not be poured directly into the face bucket.

8, the operation of the machine is strictly prohibited hand into the rolls, gears, chains, knives and other dangerous parts.

9, to ensure the lubrication of the rotating parts, oil standard, oil cup, gear, chain on each part of the oil hole, two times per class add 20#-30# oil, cutter surface, roll surface after each class, add a little edible oil.

10, the operation, should prevent the hard material into the rollers, so as not to damage the two rolls.