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Vietnamese Customers Come To Discuss The Quickly Cooked Noodles Production Line
- Sep 13, 2018 -

After about six months of detailed discussions, the customer came for a field trip. The customer used to be a noodle middleman in the local area, which was imported from China and then sold to the local area. Finally, the customer decided to buy our equipment after inspection and make the production and sale by himself.

This time, the customer came and brought the engineers from his factory to communicate with our technical engineers in all details. After the on-site inspection, the customer indicated that the machine made by our workers was qualified. We also explained the production process of the noodles to the customer. The customer was very satisfied. We will make the noodles strictly according to the materials required by the customers and develop the noodle production process based on the eating habits of the local customers.

The advantage of the quickly cooked noodles production line:

Large output, high degree of automation, less labor consumption

After drying, the noodles are stored for a long time

The noodles take a long time to rehydrate and do not break easily

quickly cooked noodles machine 01.jpg

quickly cooked noodles machine 02.jpg