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Working Principle Of Noodle Machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Noodle Machine working principle is the flour through the surface roll relative rotation extrusion to form a surface, and then through the front head cutting knife across the piece to cut, thus forming noodles.

The shape of noodles depends on the specifications of cutting knife, all models can be installed with different specifications of the cutting knife, so a machine after the replacement of different specifications of the face knife can be made into various specifications of the noodles. (Automatic noodle machine), is a new type of noodle line equipment, the machine from the forward to expect continuous operation, with high yield and efficiency, save time and effort, easy to operate and other advantages, the production of good noodle toughness, good taste.

The characteristics of the medium noodle machine are as follows: the surface of the roll is polished by grinding machine, smooth and beautiful, the surface of the rolling is uniform and smooth, ensuring the good quality of the noodle is reasonable in design, using arrangement type, reducer and sprocket drive, small noise, compact structure, humanized design and labor saving. The main parts of the use of 45# forged steel gears, rolls using a 45# seamless steel tube, after heat treatment, increased the hardness of the roll, pressure out of the noodles more light, more energetic.