Noodle Machine

Guojian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern manufacturing company specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of noodle machine, if you want to buy noodles machine, please feel free contact with us.
  • Fried Insant Noodles Making Machine

    Fried Insant Noodles Making Machine

    We are the manufacturer of fried instant noodles making machine from China, the technology is perfect, structure is compact, design is novel, performance is stable and reliable. High degree of automation, simple operation, moderate output, energy saving, small footprint, with...Read More
  • Instant Noodles Machine India

    Instant Noodles Machine India

    The fried instant noodles machine make by Guojian Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. and we are committed to the production of noodle machine for 30 years.Read More
  • Stainless Steel Noodles Machine

    Stainless Steel Noodles Machine

    Guojian is a professional company of noodles machine, we have more than 30 years experiences produce the noodles machine. All of our stainless steel noodles machine comply with international quality standard and are great appreciated in a variety of different market through...Read More
  • Instant Noodles Machine

    Instant Noodles Machine

    Guojian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of instant noodle machine, company located in Henan province, China. The instant noodles Machine is divided into fried instant...Read More
  • Fried Instant Noodles Machine

    Fried Instant Noodles Machine

    Our company manufactures and develops all machines related to noodles. The BFP-Ⅱ series fried instant noodle production line was first developed by our company founder Guojian Yao. In our life, instant noodles make our life more convenient, so it has a big market, our machine...Read More
  • Non-fried Instant Noodles Machine

    Non-fried Instant Noodles Machine

    The BFP-I series non-fried instant noodles machine different with the fried instant noodles machine is the drying way, the fried adopts frying with oil, and the non-fried adopts daring by hot air heating. With the development of science and technology, more and more people...Read More
  • Stick Noodles Machine

    Stick Noodles Machine

    According to the different way of drying stick noodle, our production line are divided into low-temperature suspended type drying mode and translation tunnel type drying mode. The automatic continuous production line process as following: Automatic Raw Material Supply -...Read More
  • Vegetable Noodles Machine

    Vegetable Noodles Machine

    Guojian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with design, development an d production of noodle machine, The vegetable noodles machine have the advantage advanced drying process, unique and novel structure, stable and...Read More
  • Frozen Fresh Noodles Machine

    Frozen Fresh Noodles Machine

    The complete optical, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic integrated chilled frozen fresh noodle equipment developed by the company and Chinese Academy of Sciences scientifically compounds high-quality wheat cob meal and special minor grain powder into basic raw materials,...Read More
  • Baby Noodles Machine

    Baby Noodles Machine

    Covering an area of 34,5000 square meter, we now have over 70 employees. All of Guojian’s noodle machine comply with international quality standards. Beside, we have received the ISO9001:2015. After more than 30 years development, our machine now exported to over 15...Read More
  • Cooked Fresh Noodles Machine

    Cooked Fresh Noodles Machine

    The technical process and equipment for cooked fresh noodles developed by the company and technical colleges, feature strict control on production process links and adopt mechanical and electrical integration mode. Wheat flour noodles are subjected to α soaking through steam...Read More
  • Multi-function Noodles Maker

    Multi-function Noodles Maker

    Guojian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company of noodles machine, all of our noodle machine managed by advanced controlling theory with high-performance PLC and speed driver. High degree of automation and with a big capacity , without the packing human,...Read More
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