Automatic Dry Noodles Production Line

Automatic Dry Noodles Production Line

This product is a production line with complete configuration, so it has a high degree of automation. Only 5 workers are needed to complete the task.

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Product Details

The detail of the automatic dry noodles production line:

  1. Kneading processHemian is the first procedure of noodle production

    The purpose is to add the right amount of water and other auxiliary materials in the flour, after 15 minutes of stirring to make the protein in the wheat flour absorb water and expand, to form a wet gluten with toughness, elasticity, viscosity and extensibility, which is sent to the curing machine to further penetrate the protein and form a wet gluten network.

  2. Drying processDrying process is an important link to ensure the quality of noodles

    The purpose is to dehumidify the noodles and stabilize the quality of the noodles through the four stages of cold air conditioning, moisture protection and sweating, heat and humidity reduction, cooling and heat dissipation under the interaction of appropriate temperature, relative humidity, ventilation, moisture release and other factors.

  3. Pressing and cutting proceduresPressing piece, cutting is the main working procedure of surface forming. The purpose is to gradually compress the "cooked powder" after kneading and curing to the desired thickness through reasonable calendering roller, form a fine gluten network organization, cut noodles of different specifications through a cutter, and then send them to the drying room through automatic hanging rod device.

  4. Cut off the finished product process

    Cut off the shelf packaging is the final process of noodle production, the purpose is to dry the noodle off, cut 240 mm growth degree, after measurement packaging into beautiful, economic and affordable goods. The rate of finished products is more than 85%, the broken head is crushed and sifted into powder no. 30-50 and put into the flour pot. The rate of return is not more than 15%.

The parameter of the dry noodles  production line:

Modle Capacity(kg/8h) Plant Size(m)two floor Installed Power(kw) Operator
GMS-330 3500 60*10*4.0 35 4
GMS-450 6000 60*12*4.0 55 4
GMS-510 7000 66*16*4.0 70 6
GMS-650 9000 66*20*4.0 85 6
GMS-765 10000 72*20*4.0 95 6
GMS-800 11000 78*24*4.0 105 6
GMS-1000 15000 88*26*4.0 110 7
GMS-1200 18000 88*26*4.0 120 7

The picture of the dry noodles production line:

instant noodles machine

dry noodles machine 1

dry noodles machine

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