Chinese Noodles Make

Chinese Noodles Make

we are the chinese noodles make manufacturer, and the instant noodle production line has unique technology, novel design, safety and reliability, good appearance and high degree of automation.

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Product Details

Guojian machinery manufacturing co., ltd. is a collection of research and development, manufacturing, sales, service in one of the group equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Production line introduction:

Chinese noodles make from the flour lifting, brine mixing, metering water supply, mixing the flour, ripenning and conveyor, roling the flour, to dry hanging strip, shelf transport, hanging operation, drying dehydration, off the plastic to transport cut off the process are automatic operations, the basic realization of automation production. The production line has the characteristics of high automation, air heat recovery, novel structure, reasonable design, stable and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and so on. The noodles are uniform in color and elastic after cooked.

The Chinese noodles make Production Process 

The Automatic Raw Material Supply - Mixing And Measurement Of Salt And Water- Double-Shaft Double-Speed Dough Kneading (Continuous Dough Kneading) - Dough Ripening- Monolithic Rolling - Noodle Strip Aging- Continuous Rolling - Picking Out Noodles With Sticks - Automatic Hunging – Trimming - Cableway Type Low-Temperature Low-Speed Drying – Automatically Removing Off Shelves - Cutting Off – Packaging - Warehousing

The picture of the Chinese noodles make:

1.Brine Mixing Machine2.Double-speed Dough Maker3.Conveyor Dough Ripening

4.Monolitic Rolling Machine5.Vertical Dough Sheet aging6.Continuous Rolling Machine

7.Sticks Supplying  Device8.Low Temperatyre Drying Type Shearing9.Hanging low temperature drying room

or 9.Hanging Low Temperature Drying Room 10.Intelligent single-pole section machine11. Noodle electrical cabinet

12. Automatic weighing packaging machine

The customer of our company:

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