Indomie Noodels Machine

Indomie Noodels Machine

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  1. In China, the production technology of Fried instant noodles production equipment has been mature. After the development of Fried instant noodles production line, the production line can be fully automated with large output, less labor needed and high profit rate.

  2. The flour enters the pressure roller after the dough mixing process. After several pressure rollers, the thickness of the flour sheet can be changed from 1.5mm to 0.8mm

  3. The thickness and shape of noodles can be achieved by changing the knife, which is simple and easy to operate. A production line can produce instant noodles of various specifications.

  4. High degree of automation of the production line, fine adjustment of single machine, linkage adjustment of the whole instant noodle production line, computer program control, strict inspection of product quality;

  5. Frying machine frying temperature automatic control, correct and stable, maintenance is also very convenient, the cake oil content is low, the product qualification rate is super high.

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