High Quality Fried Instant Noodles Machine

High Quality Fried Instant Noodles Machine

We are the Chinease Manufacturer do the noodle machine, the fried instant noodles machine with high quality and high degree of automation, all the noodles production line PLC control.

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Product Details

Adantage of the fried instant noodles machine:
1,The last products safety and health, and the instant noodles making machine realizes high automation, convenient operation, low energy and cover a small floor space, no manual operation, automatic dough sheet feeding and tracking.

2,Different molds can be customized according to customer requirements, Change the weight , the size and the shape of instant noodles by adjusting the mold, switching procedures is simple and easy to operate.

Fried Instant noodles making machine parameter: 

ModleCapacitySteam Consumption(kg/h)Plant Size(m)Slicing Width(m)Installed Power(kw)Operator

Fried Instant noodles making machine picture: 

Fried  instant noodles production line1.Salt and Water Mixing System2.Double-speed Dough Maker

3.Monotilic Rolling Machine4.Conveyor Dough Ripening Machine5.Continuous Rolling Machine

6.Noodle Strand Forming Machine7.Single-layer noodle steamer8.Round Noodle Cake Cutting

9.Cutting and Dividing10.Frying Machine11.Air Cooling Device

12.Dividing conveying Machine13.Power Control Cabinet

Our services:

Before sale:

  1. We will provide you with the basic formula for making noodles, conduct experiments according to the detailed requirements of customers, and accurately calculate the time, temperature and effect required by each link of the dough noodle.

  2. Professional technical team makes CAD drawings according to customer workshop and noodle technology, and provides customers with machine layout design scheme;

  3. Accept customized services;


  1. Professional technical installation team, no matter at home or abroad, will carry out installation and debugging after the arrival of goods until the machine debugging is successful.

  2. Responsible for training local workers on how to use the machine and how to maintain the machine in the later stage;

After sales:

  1. Carried out after-sales service tracking for each customer, established a unified after-sales service tracking table, made regular return visits to customers and made detailed records.

  2. Apply for repair normally, and the company will immediately arrange professional after-sales service personnel to repair;

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