Instant Noodles Machine Factory Suppliers And Manufacturers

Instant Noodles Machine Factory Suppliers And Manufacturers

Our noodle machine manufacturer in China, our company according to the market demand to develop convenient looks unfamiliar line, the product fully absorb the advantages of similar equipment at home and abroad, using a variety of advanced technology, elaborate design, elaborate manufacture, the whole production line to achieve a combination of the mechanical and electrical integration, is the Fried instant noodle production equipment in China.

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Product Details

1. After continuous improvement and research and development, the production line basically realizes full automatic production, flour conveying can adopt automatic powder supply system, the technical team provides design, and the plant layout is rationalized;

2. The pressure roller clearance is adjusted by turning the handwheel, and the machine is adjusted by tracking and calculating the linear speed to ensure product quality;

3. The whole production line can be controlled synchronously and coordinately. The number of cutting times can also be displayed on the display screen.

4, Frying machine frying temperature automatic control, correct and stable, maintenance is also very convenient, the cake oil content is low, the product qualification rate is super high.

The detail parameter of the instant noodles machine:

ModleCapacitySteam Consumption(kg/h)Plant Size(m)Slicing Width(m)Installed Power(kw)Operator

guojian instant noodles machine

We are the Chinese instant noodles machine factory suppliers and manufacturers and have do this with 37 years.

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