Instant Noodles Wholesale

Instant Noodles Wholesale

we are the instant noodels factory, suppliers, manufacturers, also if you need the instant noodels machine, also you can be do the machine wholesale.

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Product Details

The detail of the Instant Noodles Wholesale:

1,PLC program control, accurate and convenient;

2,Adopt deceleration motor, less energy loss;

3,The pressure roller is made of high strength hard alloy with high hardness and long service life;

4,The whole production line adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, with strong power and smooth operation;

5,The factory sells directly, saves the middleman link, the price is reasonable, the machine is widely respected;

 Process of the Fried Noodles Production Line


Atomatic Raw Material Feeding - Mixing And Measurement Of Salt And Water - Double-Speed Double-Shaft Dough Kneading - Dough Ripening- Composite Rolling - Continuous Rolling-Slitting And Forming- Noodle Steaming - Fixed Length Cutting –Oil Fried - Air Cooling - Conveying - Packaging - Warehousing

The picture of the instant noodles:




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