Automatic Dry Noodles Making Machine

Automatic Dry Noodles Making Machine

The device uses frequency control, photoelectric tracking, PLC program control, To achieve a full range of synchronous coordination control. Is the ideal production of noodles equipment.

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The advantage of automatic dry noodles making machine:

1,The flour mixer use stainless steel material, using cycloidal needle reducer low speed mixing. The productivity and the proportion of the main and auxiliary materials can be adjusted, the water can be added automatically, and the surface can be mixed automatically continuous.

2, The equipment features continuous automation. In the process of operation, the equipment runs smoothly with low noise and less power consumption. It has good performance.

3, The main transmission of the machine is located below the pressure surface working table, which is completely enclosed and safe. The appearance is simple and beautiful. This machineGroup power is equipped with reasonable, the transmission system adopts frequency conversion speed regulation controller speed regulation, make the operation of the equipment accurate, convenient, sectionCan have a significant effect, the face of calendering compact, neat, uniform, smooth.

The parameter of the automatic dry noodles making machine:

Modle Capacity(kg/8h) Plant Size(two floor)(m) Installed Power (kw) Operator
GMS-350 4000 60*8*3.5 40 4
GMS-450 6000 60*10*3.5 70 4
GMS-550 7500 72*12*3.5 80 6
GMS-650 9000 78*13*3.5 95 6
GMS-800 11000 84*16*4.0 105 6
GMS-1000 15000 90*18*3.5 120 7
GMS-1200 18000 90*22*4.0 130 7

The detail of the automatic dry noodles making machine:

1.Brine Mixing Machine2.Double-speed Dough Maker3.Conveyor Dough Ripening

4.Monolitic Rolling Machine5.Vertical Dough Sheet aging6.Continuous Rolling Machine
7.Sticks Supplying  Device8.Low Temperatyre Drying Type Shearing

9.Hanging low temperature drying 


or 9.Hanging Low Temperature Drying Room10.Intelligent single-pole section machine11. Noodle electrical cabinet

12. Automatic weighing packaging machine

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