Dry Noodles Machine

Dry Noodles Machine

The noodle equipment produced by our company is very popular all over the world, high degree of automatic, and safe and simple operation.

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The advantage of the dry noodles machine:

1, Safe and simple operation, the whole production line is fully automated, PLC control;

2, From flour mixing to finished products packaging, only a small amount of labor is required.

3, The machine turns on gears, noodles on and off the shelves smoothly.

4, Automatic transmission, automatic section, one-time molding, saving labor (automatic pole loading can be done).

5, The production line has the characteristics of high degree of automation, air heat recovery, novel structure, reasonable design, smooth and safe operation, reliable, easy maintenance and so on. Production of noodles uniform color and luster, cooked after the muscle refreshing, elastic.

The parameter of the dry noodles machine:

Modle Capacity(kg/8h) Plant Size(two floor)(m) Installed Power (kw) Operator
GMS-350 4000 60*8*3.5 40 4
GMS-450 6000 60*10*3.5 70 4
GMS-550 7500 72*12*3.5 80 6
GMS-650 9000 78*13*3.5 95 6
GMS-800 11000 84*16*4.0 105 6
GMS-1000 15000 90*18*3.5 120 7
GMS-1200 18000 90*22*4.0 130 7

The picture of the dry noodles machine:

instant noodles machine

noodles machine China


The customer od the dry noodels machine:


quickly cooked noodles machine 01

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