Dry Noodles Making Machine China

Dry Noodles Making Machine China

Automatic transmission, automatic section, automatic upper bar, one time molding.

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The advantage of the dry noodles machine:

1, Automatic transmission of flour, noodles once forming, automatic lifting.

2, All the rollers of the unit are made of alloy steel, and the surface hardness can reach hrc52-54. The surface of the roll is polished by the grinder, smooth and beautiful, and the pressed surface is uniform and clean, which ensures good surface quality.

3, Multiple sets of rollers, feeding uniform.

4, Machine installation reducer, gear transmission, smooth operation, safe and reliable.

5, Adopt automatic noodle picking system, high efficiency and good quality.

The parametr of the dry noodles machine:

Modle Capacity(kg/8h) Plant Size(two floor)(m) Installed Power (kw) Operator
GMS-350 4000 60*8*3.5 40 4
GMS-450 6000 60*10*3.5 70 4
GMS-550 7500 72*12*3.5 80 6
GMS-650 9000 78*13*3.5 95 6
GMS-800 11000 84*16*4.0 105 6
GMS-1000 15000 90*18*3.5 120 7
GMS-1200 18000 90*22*4.0 130 7

The picture of the dry noodles machine:

1.Brine Mixing Machine2.Double-speed Dough Maker3.Conveyor Dough Ripening

4.Monolitic Rolling Machine5.Vertical Dough Sheet Aging 6.Continuous Rolling Machine

7.Sticks Supplying  Device8.Low Temperatyre Drying Type Shearing9.Hanging low temperature drying room

or 9.Hanging Low Temperature Drying Room 10.Intelligent single-pole section machine11. Noodle electrical cabinet

12. Automatic weighing packaging machine

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